More transparency

Consultancy firms are often criticised for not being sustainable enough. We want to confront this accusation in particular.

By creating more transparency right from the start.

We will be specific and tell you what we will achieve together, thereby giving you a realistic overview of what you actually get for your investment in one of our consultations.

As part of our key focus on increasing sales and revenue, we work according to a clear timetable and a set method.

This training course (with a max. of 4 sales staff in the internal or fields sales department) lasts 5 + 1 days. During this time, your “sales story” will be completely redefined together with us and moulded into an effective presentation.

During the training carried out by us at your premises, we will be pleased to call 10 would-be new customers for you, which you always wanted to acquire for your business.

For this purpose, give our consultants a list beforehand. It will be worth your while.

Over and above this, we will support the team trained by us for at least another 3 months, thus making sure that you actually achieve your targets.

There is no charge for this sales controlling process.