Basic principles

Seiffert Consulting is a consultancy firm that focuses on Marketing & Sales.

Our particular strengths: We put your products on the market, regardless of whether this involves food retail or DIY. We have contacts to the buyers at the large trade organisations in Germany and are happy to help you with the listing process.

Since its foundation in 2009, over 200 companies, associations, parties, institutions and non-profit organisations have been given advice regarding

by Seiffert Consulting.

Our marketing and sales advice is based on “Involvement research”, a communication science that uses findings from brain research, behavioural biology and psychology and enables those applying it to address successful messages to their respective target group, regardless of the size of the company and budget.

The founding fathers of involvement research were Prof. Neil Postman (New York University) in the USA and Prof. Kroeber-Riel (University of Saarland) in Europe.